Ford GT custom wrap

Auto Vinyl Wraps Denver

When it comes to auto vinyl wraps in Centennial, CO, take your car to the professionals—take your card to Mile High Customs. We believe in doing vinyl wrapping intelligently.

We’ve been heavily involved in the industry for more than five years, and our team of professionals is committed to installing vinyl wraps without damaging your car’s paint, creating seamless work from all perspectives. We want to help you realize your automotive customization dreams.


Your imagination is the only thing that limits your design. Choose details like color, finish or even digital designs and we’ll bring it to life. It can be as temporary or as permanent as you’d like: if you change your mind, the vinyl graphic can be easily removed and replaced.


As the more affordable alternative to repainting, vinyl auto wraps offer some very real advantages. Vinyl graphics are created as a thin film with protective qualities for the paint of the car. It can be highly customized, with a wide variety of finishes and colors. Better yet, a vinyl wrap can be applied to a single panel or the entire body. All of this can be done relatively quickly, but a vinyl graphic wrap needs to be applied correctly. When applied correctly, vinyl creates a seamless cover on your car and is indistinguishable from a new paint job.

We’re a locally owned business that’s Vivvid Wrap certified, and we’re certified dealers of both 3M and Llumar. The team at High Mile Customs consists of industry experts who all provide the highest-quality auto vinyl wraps in Centennial, CO. We promise superior workmanship and a quick turnaround. For more information or to book an appointment, contact us online or by phone today. We always prioritizes appointments, but drive-up customers are always welcome.

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