Tesla blue gloss vinyl wrap

Tesla PPF, Window Tint, Vinyl Wraps. All Models. S, 3, X and Y

Our Technicians Can Help You Customize Your Tesla

Tesla Tint, Wrap, PPF and Customization

Denver’s Trusted Tesla Shop

Window an roof tint, paint protection film (PPF), ceramic coating, vinyl wraps, chrome and paint, rims an calipers customization, wheels, and more.

Tesla matte black vinyl wrap. Tesla PPF, window tint, vinyl wraps, and more
Tesla Model 3 Wrapped and Tinted

Chrome Delete, Clear Bra, and Window Tint!

Tesla Model 3 Facelift!

Tesla Model 3 got the works! Full ceramic window tint to help preserve the interior and keep the car cool, along with headlight + taillight tint for a stylish look!

Tesla Window Tinting

Improve mileage per charge

Solar heat coming through your windows runs your A/C and drains your battery faster, reducing range on each charge. Window tinting blocks up to 98% of solar heat so you can drive further and enjoy a more comfortable cabin with less glare all year round.

Tesla Model X Wrap
Tesla Model S Plaid tinted windows

Tesla Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

Protect your Tesla

Protect your Tesla with Clear Bra Paint Protection Film. All models, Invisible Paint Protection film for Model3, Model Y, Model X, Model S.

Ceramic Coating

Make maintaining your vehicle a breeze!

Ceramic coating makes maintaining your vehicle’s appearance incredibly easy!

Tesla Model S Plaid gloss flip ghost pearl vinyl wrap, headlight/ taillight tint, gloss black pillars, ceramic coating, window tint
Tesla matte and gloss wraps. Tesla matte and gloss paint protection film (PPF)

Tesla Matte vs Gloss PPF and Vinyl Wraps

Two of the most popular Tesla PPF and wraps options

PPF and Vinyl wraps are available in a variety of colors, designs, and finishes. Matte and gloss have different finishes with the same protective properties. A matte finish have a e a frosted look and gloss finish will give your vehicle a vibrant shine.

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