1. How Long Does Window Tinting Last?

    Unfortunately, tint film isn’t indestructible. But the estimate of how long it’ll last relies on a whole host of factors. The longevity of your window tinting film is completely dependent on the type and quality of the film you have installed as well as the skill of the person who initially appl…Read More

  2. Does Window Tinting Require After-Care?

    In short, kinda, but probably not. Like most things that “require care” it all boils down to how much care you actually want to put into something. For example, if you want your newly installed hardwood flooring to last into the next century, you’ll probably pay for the extra great floor clean…Read More

  3. Why Get a Windshield Tint In Colorado?

    We live in a beautiful state full of rich greenery and breathtaking scenery. Our proximity to the mountains isn’t just helpful when we’re using them for directions, their closeness keeps them as a visage in the distance that we can reach with just an hour’s drive. The gap between civilization …Read More