Clear Bra, The Best Paint Protection for your ride!

We only use high-quality materials

Protect your car from stone chips, bugs, scratches, and regular wear-and-tear with our Valor Paint Protection Film that carries an industry leading 12 Year Warranty. We only use high-quality materials to enhance the look of your sedan, sports car, SUV, or truck!

installing Clear Bra

Paint Protection Film, also known as Clear Bra

The best method of protection for your vehicle.

We offer packages from a partial front end to even protecting the full vehicle! Paint protection film will help protect your vehicle from getting rock chips, scratches, swirl marks, faded paint and from other elements on the road. It will help keep your car looking brand new while retaining its value so when it’s time to move on, you can sell it for top dollar!

We partner with LLumar

The best method of protection for your vehicle.

We  only offer the best protection films Llumar offers, which is called Valor Paint Protection Film. It is backed by a limited 12 year manufacturer warranty, has a self healing top layer with ceramic coating infused and an ultra glossy finish, all in one amazing product! LLumar offers top notch customer service and is at the forefront of the Paint Protection Film Industry which allows them to always be innovating the best products in our ever changing auto industry.

Clear Bra Denver
applying Clear Bra

Protect Your Vehicle with Valor Paint Protection Film

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We utilize a computer plotter software called CORE which allows us to put in your year, make, model, and trim level so we can print the exact precise pattern for your specific vehicle which prevents us from having to put a knife to your paint. Part of our standard practices here at Mile High Customs we attempt to wrap as many possible edges, use minimal seams, and extend the coverage provided to make your vehicle always looking brand new and protected for years to come!

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