High-Quality Window Tint!

Give your car a stylish look with protecting you and your interior from harmful UV rays

Our tinting services can protect you from the sun’s powerful rays with our 3 different levels of film, and make your vehicle look sharp wherever you’re going. We carry a dyed premium film, a ceramic film, and a ceramic plus film that offer a lifetime warranty!

Roll Royce Cullinan window tinting

LLumar Window Tint

Have you ever got into your car on a summer day and burned yourself on your hot leather seats? Or a hot metal seat belt? Or struggled to start driving because of your burning steering wheel? Well we have a solution for you! Mile High Customs offers window tint that blocks out 99% of the UV rays that are harmful and can cause cancer while rejecting up to 90% infrared heat! 

We offer a wide variety of films, from different shades and qualities to meet everyone’s needs! Whether you’re looking to add privacy to your vehicle or just want something light to protect your passengers and pets from harmful UV rays, Mile High Customs has the best solutions for you!

We only carry the highest quality window films offered from LLumar that all come with a lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about bubbling or purpling and it’s all backed by our Mile High Customs guarantee! We utilize a plotter software called CORE which allows us to put in your year, make, and model so we can print the exact precise pattern for your specific vehicle which prevents us from having to cut on your glass.

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