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Tesla Model X clear bra front

Tesla Model X Ceramic Coating

Tesla model x ceramic coating. Tesla Model X with the MHC treatment! Front end paint protection film, window tint, paint correction ceramic coating on the paint and interior and much more!

Tesla Model X ceramic coating

Tesla Model X Ceramic Coating

Tesla Model X ceramic coating. Tesla Model X in for full body matte paint protection film, ceramic window tint, ceramic coating on the body and interior! This car is ready to be protected from the Colorado roads!

Tesla Model 3 Performance clear bra

Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Coating Denver

Tesla Model 3 ceramic coating Denver. Tesla Model 3 Performance in for our Ultimate Protection Package! Full body clear bra, ceramic coating and ceramic plus tint! This Tesla is ready for the Colorado roads!

Tesla Model S Plaid tinted windows

Tesla Paint Protection Film Install Denver.

Tesla paint protection film install Denver. Tesla Model S Plaid wrapped in @llumarfilms Stealth PPF, full ceramic tint, smoked lights and topped off with our signature ceramic coating!

Tesla Model S Plaid ceramic coating

Tesla Model S Vinyl Wraps Denver

Tesla Model S vinyl wraps Denver. Tesla Model S Plaid in for vinyl wraps! Two tone Tesla Model S Plaid! Satin White X Satin Black combo, ceramic plus tint and ceramic coating to top it all off!

Tesla Model 3 window tint front view

Vehicle Vinyl Wrap and Window Tint Film

Bringing you highlight footage of exemplary work done at Mile High Customs in Centennial, Colorado that specializes in Window Tint, Clear Bra, and Automotive Vinyl Wraps!

black Tesla Model Y 2 front windows tinted front side view

Tesla Model Y Clear Bra

Tesla Model Y got the front end protected from rock chips with our 10 Year Warranty Llumar Films PPF (paint protection film) and the 2 front windows tinted to protect against the harmful UV Rays and added heat rejection!