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black GMC Harley Davidson Truck in for clear bra, paint correction and ceramic coating, clear bra view

GMC Clear Bra Denver

GMC Clear Bra Denver. Professional GMC clear bra services. Protect your GMC truck with paint with clear bra installation. Get your GMC protected by our experts! keep your GMC truck looking great with clear bra paint protection.

Brand new white GMC Harley truck getting paint corrected and ceramic coated. Front side view

GMC Ceramic Coating Denver

GMC ceramic coating Denver. We are the preferred car protection & customization resource in Denver & surrounding areas. Ceramic coating installation for GMC trucks, ceramic coating keeps your paints finish from degrading over time.

ceramic coating Audi S3. Look at how glossy that paint looks!

Ceramic Coating Audi S3

Audi S3 in for paint correction and ceramic coating! Look at how glossy that paint looks! We offer a 3 year and 6 year coating. As long as your Audi is properly maintained, the coating will not lose its hydrophobic and protective qualities. View more on Instagram.

Toyota Tacoma custom tires, window tint, and clear bra front view

Toyota Tacoma Clear Bra and Window Tint

Toyota Tacoma window tinting, ceramic coating, and clear bra installation in Denver Metro. Tacoma getting a leveling kit installed and some @xf_offroad 20” Wheels and Tires! Finished off with some tint and clear bra!

Mercedes GLS550 clear bra side view

Mercedes GLS550 Clear Bra

Mercedes GLS550 in for clear bra and gloss black accents on the front bumpers and side skirts! Mercedes Benz GLS clear bra specialists in South Denver. Window tinting, ceramic coating, and clear bra installation in Denver Metro.

Tesla Model 3 window tint front view

Vehicle Vinyl Wrap and Window Tint Film

Bringing you highlight footage of exemplary work done at Mile High Customs in Centennial, Colorado that specializes in Window Tint, Clear Bra, and Automotive Vinyl Wraps!

Front Side View: Mercedes-Benz GT63S AMG! Full ceramic plus tint, smoked out headlight and taillights, and emblem removal

Mercedes Benz AMG Window Tint

Mercedes Benz AMG window tinting specialists in South Denver. Customize Your Mercedes Benz with Tint. Improve the comfort and style of your Mercedes Benz AMG while keeping your vehicle cool, reducing glare and blocking UV rays.

2021 GMC Yukon ceramic coating and paint correction

GMC Yukon Window Tint Denver

2021 GMC Yukon in for our MHC protection package! Partial front end + 6 Year Ceramic Coating + Single Step Paint Correction! Schedule your car before summer to make it looking right. Window tinting, ceramic coating, and clear bra installation in Denver Metro.

blacked out Cadillac Escalade front view

Cadillac Escalade Ceramic Coating Denver

Brand new all blacked out Cadillac Escalade sitting pretty on 26” Forgiato wheels! Best car protection on the market, eliminates need for wax, car stays cleaner longer. Easier maintenance, cost effective!