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Mercedes C63 ceramic window tint

Car Window Tinting Centennial CO

Your vehicle isn’t just a car, it’s an extension of where you’re going. Set your limits miles above what they were with the guaranteed craftsmanship from Mile High Customs. Never settle for less for your vehicle.

Ford GT custom wrap

Auto Vinyl Wraps Denver

When it comes to auto vinyl wraps in Centennial, CO, take your car to the professionals—take your card to Mile High Customs. We believe in doing vinyl wrapping intelligently.

Mile High Customs working on a Corvette

Custom Clear Bra Film Denver

You can do nothing and continue to allow your car to take on damages. Or you can get a clear bra film in Centennial, CO, for added protection.

Car Window Tinting Denver

At Mile High Customs, we’re happy to improve both your driving comfort and the look of your car with high-quality window tinting in Colorado.

BMW Window Tinting

BMWs are beautiful vehicles. They’re so much more than a car. They’re a mark of accomplishment for the entrepreneur. They’re a piece of history. They’re totally classic and an example of excellent European workmanship. It’s no surprise you invested in a BMW, because there’s heirloom furniture and then there are heirloom vehicles. What makes a […]

Window Tinting FAQs

DOES WINDOW TINTING REQUIRE AFTER-CARE? In short, kinda, but probably not. Like most things that “require care” it all boils down to how much care you actually want to put into something.