Unfortunately, tint film isn’t indestructible. But the estimate of how long it’ll last relies on a whole host of factors.

The longevity of your window tinting film is completely dependent on the type and quality of the film you have installed as well as the skill of the person who initially applies the film. While there is some minor disagreement over whether or not the amount and severity of the sun the film is exposed to will affect how tenaciously it sticks to your windows, it’s generally agreed upon that the majority of its longevity can be attributed to the person who installed it. If you’re interested in investing in window tinting for your Ford or Toyota vehicle, be sure to bring your car to the right tint shop. At Mile High Customs, we take pride in the integrity of our work and the precision of our application so that you can get the proper lifetime out of your window tinting service.


It depends, while the large portion of the responsibility goes to the installer, there’s also something to be said about the quality of the film you’re using for your window tinting project. In hotter, more brutal climates like Arizona and even Colorado’s sun, if the film quality is initially inferior, you might actually see the tint start to discolor and the dye might fade away entirely in months. However, if you have a quality film installed, like the standard hybrid film type that’s most popular on the market at this point, you’ll get about 5 years of use out of it before it starts to lose its luster. For the better and more high-end films that are metalized deposition window films or sputtered window tinting, you can easily expect at least 10 years of usage.


If you’re worried about the window film deteriorating quickly, you’ll be able to see evidence of it on the rear window of your vehicle before you’ll see it anywhere else. It’s exposed the most to the sun and therefore, reacts most noticeably. The film will start to bubble and pucker making the tinting look uneven and blotchy and many times once this process begins the tint will start to look closer to purple than black because of gradual discoloring. If this happens, the window tint manufacturer is to blame, as they went cheap on the dye within the film.


We won’t recommend rubbing anti-aging on your window tinting, but we will recommend doing your research beforehand. In the age of Yelp and Amazon, you can look up just about any product and find balanced reviews as well as poor and raving reviews. This should help you to make a more educated decision on the type of window tinting you invest in. As a rule of thumb, we recommend only purchasing name brand window tints and having it installed by a pro window tint installation shop.


If you’re looking to get the full 10 years out of your new window tinting, reach out to us. We provide precise expert work on all of the vehicles we touch. From vinyl auto graphics, to clear bras and window tinting, our careful work looks great and lasts the full life of the car. We’ll be able to guide you to the right window tinting film for your vehicle, expectations and budget. Schedule your consultation with our window tinting Centennial location today.

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