Tesla Model 3 window tint front view

Vehicle Vinyl Wrap and Window Tint Film

Bringing you highlight footage of exemplary work done at Mile High Customs in Centennial, Colorado that specializes in Window Tint, Clear Bra, and Automotive Vinyl Wraps!

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C8 Corvette gets new Vossen Wheels, BMW ceramic coating, and a Tesla Model 3 gets a new color!

Video Transcript

What’s up guys and welcome back to the channel and today we got another Tesla Model 3 in the shop. We are going to be doing a full vinyl wrap. Right now is a base color, it’s the base white color that the vehicle comes from Tesla. We’ve already washed and prepped the vehicle, so it’s all ready for installation, we’ve already started disassembling the vehicle as well, we just have a couple more parts to take apart, we still have the mirrors and the side trim.

We are going to be wrapping the vehicle in a gloss liquid copper, it is this color right here, you honestly don’t see too many orange Teslas, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen one at all, but this is going to be a very unique color, I think it’s going to come up really clean. Orange is one of my personal colors, as you guys know we wrap our McLaren in that chrome orange, I’ve got my older Infinity G35 wrap in a gloss burnt orange, so orange is definitely one of my favorite colors. I also have my motorcycle over there wrapped in chrome orange, so one of my personal favorite colors. This one is a little bit different but I think it’s still going to come out looking really good on this Tesla.

We are going to be cutting up the material, getting all the pieces cut to size, so that way we can start laying it, that makes our job a lot easier, so that way we don’t have to kind of keep walking back and forth to the role of the vinyl, we can just grab the piece that’s already labeled for whatever panel and we can just go ahead and install it. We’ll probably be starting in just a little bit, I’ll probably be cutting out all those pieces and then we’ll start wrapping.

We are also going to be ceramic coating this vehicle and then adding a little bit of clear bra on the lower doors and the rocker panel, we are going to be doing this full rocker panel on both sides and then the bottom of the doors all the way back just to help it prevent it from rock chips, a little more protection as well and that ceramic coating is going to make it a lot easier to clean it and maintain, its going to give that nice glossy look to it as well, so this thing is going to look really good when we’re all done.

So we’ve got a pretty decent amount of the Tesla already done, we’ve got just about the rear trunk all finished up, we got both of the rear driver doors finished and then both of the driver and passenger fenders, we also did do the hood, however there is a little bit of a … I don’t know if it’s a stain, or just a defect in color but I’ll show you guys this, if you can see that right there, outside of the sun, it looks like some little spotting right there, it’s a little bit of a deeper color than the rest of the vinyl so we are going to have to pull that off and re-do the hood. I’m really not too sure exactly what happened there. If we had notice that earlier, we could have probably moved it away from the hood and got it away with it, but we are going to have to remove that and re-do the hood, but so far this car is looking really good. We’ve got a really decent amount done and we should finish this car fairly quick. Like I’ve always said we’ve just done so many Teslas, we’ve kind of got it down and there are a fairly pretty easy car to wrap as well.

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So we’ve made some pretty good progress on the Tesla model 3, we’re almost done, we just have the quarter panels to go and then we’re going to do some clear bran and some ceramic coating on that so hopefully that will be finished up either today or tomorrow.

And then another car, another two cars that we have in the shop actually, the first is going to be this BMW 330, we already took the wheels off, we are going to send those to get powder coated in a high gloss black and then we are going to be performing a two-step correction along with a three-year coating on this blue BMW, so this are going to be the next couple of projects.

blue BMW 330 outside Mile High Customs

And then we also have a brand new Chevy C8 Corvette, we are going to be doing some full ceramic plus window tint and then we got some new Boston wheels that we are going to throw on it as well, so we’ll be showing you guys some more of both of these vehicles here just in a little bit.

So we also have this beautiful red CA Corvette, we are going to be tinting the full vehicle in our ceramic plus film and then we are also going to be putting some new wheels on them, the wheels are right over here, I believe they are Vossen HF6 in all gloss black finish. I already opened up the box to check them out but these are the new wheels that we’re going to be putting on the Corvette, it is a staggered set ip with some 19s on the front and some 20 inches in the rear. We are going to be using the same tires that are on the vehicle right now, these are the stock five spoke wheels with a little bit of silver but I think these new Vossen wheels are going to look a lot better, and then we might also be wrapping this vehicle soon here soon, the customer is still deciding on a color, so we once we get the color all picked out and everything we’ll get them scheduled in and get this car all taken care.

C8 Corvette ceramic plus tint side view

So we just finished up the C8, we got the ceramic plus window tint, we got 30% on the windshield and then 5% on the sides and the back and then we go the wheels all finished up as well, these are the HF2s, not the HFs, that the HF6s that I accidentally mistake them for but they look really good on the vehicle definitely gives it a nice little touch, It is dark outside so we’re not gonna pull it out and take any pictures, but we’ll get some footage in here, but the wheels and the tint really complement the car. So we are just finishing up cleaning the wheels and then we’re about to deliver the car to the customer.

So we just got the wheels back from powder coating, we got them done on a high gloss black, they are sitting right over here , we’re not going to put them back on the car just yet just because we do have to ceramic coat the wheels and we’re also going to be ceramic coating the barrels, so we are going to be doing that tomorrow and then we’ll put them on the vehicle.

We got the first cut done on the BMW of the paint correction, tomorrow we are also going to be polishing it, just get all those small little scratches and swirls out just to give it that perfect finish, it will enhance the glossiness of the paint as well, give it kind of like a deeper blue look, and then we’re going to be ceramic coating it with our three-year ceramic coating and then we are also going to be doing the glass as well, so all that will happen tomorrow.

We got the orange Tesla Model 3 all complete and all coated, I’ll show you guys that here in just a second. So this is the Model 3, we got it all wrapped up in the 3M gloss liquid copper, this color is absolutely beautiful and I love it, orange is one of my personal favorite colors, I’ve had multiple vehicles wrapped in orange, I just love it for some reason and it’s also part of our shop colors, but the sating black and the orange just go so well together, we got it ceramic coated, we still have to put on that rear plate and the rear Tesla emblem as well but other than that this car looks absolutely beautiful and I love the way it turned out.

We do have another Tesla Model X that’s going to be dropped off tomorrow, we previously wrapped this vehicle for someone, for someone special, we’ll show you guys the car and the color tomorrow but that’s bout it for tonight, we’re going to finish up the BMW, get the wheels put back on and everything tomorrow morning and that’ll conclude this episode.

So we just finished up the Model 3, that one is all complete and ready to go, we’re just cleaning up the glass and then we’re going to take it out to the front and the customer is going to be picking that up today. We also finished the BMW 330, that car looks really good as well, we got the full ceramic coating and paint correction, we got the gloss black wheels and we did and interior detail and I’ll show you guys that, this car look came out looking really good, the black wheels complement the vehicle so nice and it all just goes really nice together, you can really see the glossiness of the paint and then the customer goes to wash it the water is just going to fall right off due to that hydrophobic layer from the ceramic coating. And this is the Tesla Model X that dropped of for a full re-wrap, if you guys remember this vehicle, we got it done in a satin, in a satin dark gray, really beautiful car and color but I believe he got got into a little bit of an accident, that’s why there’re is not vinyl on the bumper and the hood but that’s all taken care of, so we are going to remove the wrap, we are going to clean it all up, get that re-wrap in another color and then the wheels also have a little but of curb rash so we are going to send those off to powder coat, get those all fixed up and put back on the car, but this will probably be in our next video, so we’ll keep you guys updated.

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