Window Tinting FAQs


In short, kinda, but probably not. Like most things that “require care” it all boils down to how much care you actually want to put into something.

For example, if you want your newly installed hardwood flooring to last into the next century, you’ll probably pay for the extra great floor cleaning scrub, specially outfitted for cherry oak flooring. With window tinting, it’s the same story. If you’d like your window tinting to last until you total your car out in around 15 years or sell it, then you might consider putting in a bit of extra work here and there to keep your car and your window tinting sharp throughout the coming years.


For your car to still be able to hold up against hail damage and other unfortunate results of inclimate weather in Denver, it’ll need to be waterproof. The window tinting itself isn’t waterproof necessarily, but your windows themselves still are. When we apply window tinting to your vehicle, we apply the film to the inside of the windows so that it won’t be subjected to the trials of nature. Since it’s not constantly being exposed to the elements, the window tinting will naturally last much longer, mainly this is applied when holding sand and other debris in mind that will actually damage the film rather than a spot of water.


If you’ve just invested in a nice spring cleaning for the exterior of your vehicle and want to turn your eye to the interior, how are you supposed to go about cleaning the inside of your windows? Cleaning the interior should be pretty straight-forward. If you have kids with sticky fingers and dogs with wet noses or even just friends that like to touch glass you might have smudges on the window tinting film, it might be in need of a good wipe down. We recommend passing over the window cleaner and even the 409 cleaners as well as your window tint won’t require harsh chemicals to pull stains and other stuff up and off of it. Use a soft cloth first to wipe off any large, chunky debris first. These could scratch the film while your cleaning so it’s best to take care of that first. Afterward, merely get a cloth of sponge damp with clean water and wipe down the interior of the windows. That should successfully pull up any dirt without damaging the film. If you decide to use mild soap, like hand soap, make sure to wipe the window clean of the soap or else the soap might dry on the film and manage the window tinting.


Whether you’re looking to protect your own eyesight, your kid’s delicate little eyes while they’re in the car, or merely the leather upholstery that makes your car so comfortable and classic feeling, contact Mile High Customs. We provide window tinting services in Centennial to differentiate your vehicle and help the quality interior last longer. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding vinyl wrap decals and clear auto bra services as well.

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